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Welcome to Radio 1RPH website. We are a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers.

Where Do You Find 1RPH On The Dial?

  • You can find our Canberra station in the middle of the dial between Canberra's two commercial A.M. stations - 2CA and 2CC. The frequency is 1125 kHz on the A.M. band.
  • Our Wagga Wagga station can be found left of the middle of the dial. It's frequency is 89.5 MHz on the F.M. band.
  • Our Junee station can be found right of the middle of the dial. It's frequency is 99.5 MHz on the F.M. band.
  • Please let us know if you cannot receive our signal by ringing 02 6241 4076.

Why a radio station for the print disabled?

Radio 1RPH provides news and other information needed by people who are print disabled. Because they cannot read printed material, we help these people to access information by utilising the skills of volunteer readers and administrative supporters to turn print into sound, thus providing the print disabled with a broad range of detailed information which is available in printed form, but not provided by other radio and television stations.

Who are the print disabled?

Radio 1RPH is a reading service for the print disabled. The definition of "print disabled" covers people who:

  • are blind or vision impaired;
  • are paraplegic or quadriplegic;
  • are severely affected by arthritis, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis or dyslexia;
  • are intellectually disabled;
  • have never learned to read;
  • are from non-English speaking backgrounds who understand but cannot read the language; or
  • have suffered a stroke.

An estimated 15% of people in the Canberra Region are print disabled.

Many illnesses prevent a person from easily reading the printed page by making it impossible for them to turn pages or hold and manipulate books, newspapers and magazines properly.

Choice of Programs

Our programs include:

  • readings from daily newspapers, magazines and books;
  • theme programs on topics such as books, music, gardening, religion, current affairs, health, science, computers and travel;
  • program time for organisations who provide services of interest to the print disabled;
  • Christian programs which cover a wide range of publications from a variety of Christian churches;
  • BBC World Service.

The RPH Network

Radio 1RPH is a member of RPH Australia and a participating station in the National RPH network, one of the largest in Australia, reaching 80% of the population. There are RPH stations in each capital city except Darwin. RPH Australia represents our interests to governments and the broadcast industry, provides a means for information and program exchange and maintains links with RPH services in New Zealand, Japan, Canada and the United States.