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Radio 1RPH provides a radio reading service to the Wagga Wagga region on 89.5 FM and Junee on 99.5 FM. Our programs, originating from our studios in Canberra, have been augmented with newspapers and other information from the Wagga and Junee areas. We welcome any suggestions from our Wagga and Junee listeners.


We have a special newspaper reading service which is broadcast exclusively to the Wagga/Junee region. These special readings commenced on December 3 2012.  The readings are of one hour duration and can be heard on week days at 8:00 am. The readings are mainly taken from the Wagga Daily Advertiser.


It was Bob Hargreaves who initiated the Wagga project back in 2001 when he negotiated with the then ABA (Australian Broadcasting Authority) to extend our broadcasting licence to the Wagga Wagga area.

Towards the end of 2007, a technical consultant was hired to purchase and install the necessary equipment. An arrangement was made with community station 2AAA-FM in Wagga to share their studio facilities and transmitter hut on Willan's Hill. We received our transmitting licence in January 2008 but legal problems concerning the use of the site then emerged causing further delays to the completion of the project and required much work by Robert Altamore to resolve.

Radio 1RPH began broadcasting to Wagga on Saturday afternoon of May 9 2009. The official launch of the station took place on May 21st at the CWA rooms, Wagga Wagga.

Picture of Rob, Bob and Jean at opening

Pictured above are 1RPH president Robert Altamore and former presidents Bob Hargreaves and Jean Bennett at the official launch at the CWA rooms, Wagga Wagga in 2009.

Those attending the event included: the Federal member for Riverina Mrs Kay Hull, the State member for Wagga Wagga Mr Daryl Maguire, Councillor Ray Goodlass representing Mayor Kerry Pascoe, representatives of Wagga Wagga educational institutions, community services and disability organisations, service clubs and Christian churches as well as current and former members of the Radio 1RPH committee. The launch was covered by WIN and PRIME television and The Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser and Leader.

Picture of Wagga transmitter

1RPH volunteers Chris Daniell and Jean Bennett outside the 2AAA transmitter hut on Willan's Hill.


An extension to our 1RPH service has now commenced transmission in Junee.

The signal from our Wagga transmitter could not be received in most parts of Junee and so a new translator has been installed to remedy this situation. We are delighted that our coverage area has now been extended for our Junee listeners.

The new station went to air on September 21 2012 and can be heard on 99.5 FM.

The official launch for the Junee service was held on Tuesday 13th November 2012 at the Licorice and Chocolate Factory in Junee. The event was organized with the help of the Junee Lion's Club and attended by about 40 people including the Federal Member for Riverina, Michael McCormick. An opening speech was delivered by the Mayor of Junee Ms. Lola Cummins.

You can read an article published in the Southern Cross newspaper covering the event by following this link:  Southern Cross article.

June Bennett was at the Junee Launch. June is the main advocate for bringing the 1RPH service to Junee.

Wagga and Junee listeners: Please let us know how you are receiving us by ringing the station on:

02 6241 4076.

or visit our feedback page.


If you would like to contact us for more information about the station, you will find the contact details on our contacts page.

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