July 2014 Newsletter

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July 2014 Newsletter


The President’s Report

Dear Friends, Volunteers and Members

Our Station has experienced extraordinarily difficult times this year of which most of you would be aware, and this is now behind us. It is sufficient to say that your Committee, which I am proud to lead, has worked tirelessly to overcome what seemed at times to be insurmountable odds. Gladly our efforts were rewarded & we remained on air throughout.

Since then we, the Committee, have been busy rebuilding the station and maintaining service links. You our volunteers have continued your work tirelessly, and without you all we could not go air. I thank you all.

New Manager Jenni Rush is from our volunteer base and many of you will have met her during your trips to the Station. Jenni is highly qualified for the task and I believe we are lucky to have her with us. Andrew Lythgoe is now concentrating on Station technical tasks for which he is well suited and assisting Jenni as required.

We have new and younger volunteers too, which is pleasing to see. We have had further training of new Readers, Presenters and especially Producers, of which we were in great need, as the lack of Producers was limiting our number of new programs. You should be aware that our income is dependent upon the hours of 1RPH programs we put to air, so it is vital that we produce a continuous stream of our own programs as magazines, newspaper readings, and book readings all count toward our income; detail is on page 8 and we are in the early stages of planning a Medical Program. There is plenty to look forward to on air.

Our broadcasts to Wagga Wagga & Junee have been a success and we now have a team dedicated to the broadcast of the Wagga newspaper.

The NDIS (the National Disability Insurance Scheme) is providing a challenge as all RPH Stations, do not readily fit into the NDIS model. Everyone in the disability sector is being affected by this enormous change and we can assure you that the Committee is working to secure the Station’s future under the NDIS. You can be assured that we will inform you of how this issue progresses.

It is pleasant to find the relaxed and happy mood returning at 1RPH.

I look forward to meeting you all when we will gather on Saturday 5 July for our Annual Lunch and I hope it will be a joyous occasion for us all.

Lorraine Litster

Your 2014 Committee members:-

President Lorraine Litster

Vice President Anne Fourlinnie

Vice President Robert Altamore

Secretary Janelle Caiger

Treasurer Karen Melton

Volunteers’ Representative Christine Daniell

Technical Officer Malcolm Walker

Member Pat Spaul

Member Deane Dight

Independence through Technology

If you can’t see what you’re looking for,

you’ve come to the right place!

The Canberra Blind Society (CBS) wishes to extend an invitation to you to attend Overview 2014, in the Griffin Centre, Genge Street Canberra City on 25 and 26 July. Each year we host two days of adaptive technology displays, aids, equipment and information.

A full program will shortly be available, however for your information, the Friday morning begins at 10.00 am with Seminars on Level 1 of the Griffin Centre followed by trade displays. The display will be launched around 1 pm and is then open to the public until 5.30 pm. The Saturday begins at 10 am, closing at 2.30 pm.

We look forward to your response and hope you can attend Overview 2014.

Debra Quinnell…Executive Officer…Canberra Blind Society

If you would like to assist on the 1RPH Table at the Blind Society Overview, please contact Christine Daniell on 0407078019 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Radio 1RPH would like to sincerely thank the following sponsors for their continuing support:

Campbell Gospel Chapel

Christian Blind Mission International

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Insight for Living Australia

Lutheran Radio & Television

Welcome to Jenni Rush, our Station Manager

Jenni Rush first joined Radio 1RPH in February 2014 as one of our volunteer cutters and producers.

Her previous roles have been in Administration, Project Management and Information Technology (IT) Customer Service Management at both the Department of Defence and more recently at the University of Canberra.

For the last three years Jenni has been at the University of Canberra as the Associate Director Customer Services in the IT area. As such, she was responsible for the delivery of customer facing IT (including Service Desk and Desktop support) and other services (including Mailroom, Audio Visual and Records Management) to University staff and students, and was responsible for managing a staff of about 30 people, some of whom were based overseas. This was a very challenging and time-consuming role, but Jenni says she had some wonderful experiences including overseas travel on a number of occasions.

Jenni felt it was time to consider her options, wanting to make a change in lifestyle and fulfill a desire to provide more direct help to people. With the help of her friend Lyn Rutherford, Jenni found her way to Radio 1RPH. We are very fortunate that one of her options turned out to be applying for the role of Station Manager.

Anne Fourlinnie

Vice President

Message from Jenni

Hello Everyone

I’ve spent my first weeks here learning more about the organisation and its role, the administrative processes required to support the station and about the people who volunteer here. There is still lots to learn and a few new processes to be implemented to ensure that things are running as smoothly as possible. You will notice a few changes here and there over the next months, my aim being to ensure that we have what we need to keep the good work of Radio 1RPH going for the foreseeable future.

Until mid-July I’ll be working between 9am and 5pm most days, and will then probably move to 12pm-5pm Monday to Friday. In addition my voluntary work as a cutter and producer remain unchanged. If you are ever looking for me during the week, please check the sign on the office door for my whereabouts and contact details.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far, especially Andy, Christine and Anne. Everyone I have met so far has been very friendly and welcoming. A big thanks also to my friend Lyn for introducing me to Radio 1RPH at the start of this year! I look forward to meeting you all over the next few weeks.


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and its affect on Radio 1RPH

While the NDIS is a programme designed for individuals to access the disability support and services they need there is also provision for service providers to the disability sector to benefit from this initiative.

Radio 1RPH is such a service provider and has gained a package that provides for the engagement of a consultant to advise and work with us in the areas of governance, financial management, business and forward planning.

Members of your Committee have over the past months been attending workshops and meetings as we prepare for the NDIS as well as completing the necessary application requirements.

This is most timely as our Strategic Plan 2011 – 2014 is due for update as is our Constitution.

Your Committee sees the NDIS as an opportunity to improve the governance and operational aspects of our Station for the purpose of providing a high standard of service to our listeners.


As always we continue to apply for grants as they are so important to the continued operation of the Station.

There are recurrent grants such as the application we currently have with the Southern Cross Club. This is for JAWS software to be installed on one of our computers enabling vision-impaired people to volunteer at the Station.

In preparation is the annual and sizable grant from the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

Our Station Manager and your Committee continues to source grants for improvements to, and ongoing operation of, our Station.


You will notice that Studio A has new covers on the work surfaces that will greatly assist in noise dampening.

Our thanks to Roger Melton for sourcing the materials and fitting the covers for us; Roger will do the same for Studio B as time allows.

Anne Fourlinni

Vice President

2014–2015 Membership

due as of 1 July!

$22 for year & $16.50 concession

Radio 1RPH 2014 Annual Lunch

Radio 1RPH invites you to join us to celebrate 31 years as an Association. In 1983, our Association elected its first President, Bill Malone, a blind person. He led a group of people with a vision to provide a Radio for the Print Handicapped Service to Canberra and surrounding areas. Today, we provide a 24-hour; 7-day a week broadcast service to the Canberra region as well as also providing our service to Wagga Wagga and Junee.

We hope you will join us for lunch on Saturday, 5 July 2014 at 12 noon for 12.30 PM in the private function room at the Ainslie Football Club, Wakefield Avenue, Ainslie.

A delicious 3-course buffet lunch will be served, consisting of:


Entrée: decorated platters of cold meats comprising roast sirloin of beef medium rare; roast Cajun spiced chicken pieces; prosciutto; Danish salami; mortadella cheese; smoked salmon


Main course: choice of: Butter Chicken Curry,

Lamb with Mint and Honey Sauce

Served with Jasmine Rice

& Fresh Bread Rolls and Butter


Salad selection: choice of chef’s garden salad; seafood salad; potato, bacon and chive salad; and traditional coleslaw.


Vegetables: hot potato and carrots and parsley with butter.


From the bakery: Fresh bread rolls and butter.


Dessert: you can choose from: tiramisu; gateau; lime tart; orange and almond flour cake; or the chef’s cheesecake. All desserts are served with Chantilly cream and coulis. Or if you’d prefer you could choose either a fresh fruit platter, nuts and cheese board. Tea and coffee and mints are also available.

Drinks are available from the bar.

Our special guest is our Patron, the Honourable Margaret Reid AO. She will speak on a topic of her choice and will also reflect on our 31 years as an Association.

The cost is $36 per person. The Managements of the Ainslie Football Club have reduced the cost for the lunch from last year, which was $40. Payment by cheque can be made to Radio One RPH by posting it to the station. You may make payments by cash or EFTPOS to our Manager, Jenni Rush at the station or please phone Jenni at the station on 6241 4076. Please RSVP together with your payment for the lunch by Friday 27 June 2014.

Please direct phone enquiries to Jenni Rush, 6241 4076 or to Wendy Altamore on 6287 7512. Email inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

May 2013 Volunteer Survey Results

A big Thank You to the forty seven (47) people who completed the Volunteer Survey of May, last year. I have been able to compile your answers and present some of the responses below.

Wow! Radio 1RPH really is a wonderful testament to Volunteer Power!

Just over one-third of respondees work between 4 – 6 hours a week at 1RPH; over one-quarter spend up to 1.5 hours while just under one-fifth work either 2–3 or 7–12 hours per week. One-third of volunteers stated they were able to increase their hours, ranging from 1 to 4 hours per week.

Two-thirds expressed an interest in further training at 1RPH and were also interested in helping with training. Twelve (12) people expressed interest in training in Production. There were lots of Suggestions and I can report that quite a few of these have already been actioned.

A number of people were interested in having more social gatherings; others in receiving ongoing feedback of performance; and some volunteers wanted to know more about our listeners.

I have been trained in and enjoy designing and analysing surveys, so to this end I am putting together a Listener Survey to gather information about our audience – where we ARE hitting the spot and asking for ideas for topics or areas we can move into.

I will shortly make a detailed analysis available at the front desk for those interested in viewing the full survey responses.

Deane Dight

Revision of Radio 1RPH’s Constitution

The Committee has commenced work to give Radio 1RPH a new Constitution. Robert Altamore has provided a draft for the Committee. The Committee have decided to seek governance and legal advice on several matters regarding the Association’s Constitution. Radio 1RPH will obtain this advice under arrangements for review of our governance for which we have gained an ACT Government grant. When we have this advice, the Constitution will be distributed to members for comment. Following a period of consultation a notice will be issued of a General Meeting to consider and if agreed, adopt the new Constitution. A resolution to adopt a new Constitution must be put and passed as a special resolution with 21 days notice of the meeting and a 75% vote in favour of the resolution. It is hoped that the Constitution will be distributed to members for comment in July for comment and that a meeting to consider a new Constitution for Radio 1RPH can be held in time for the next Annual General Meeting to be conducted under the New Constitution.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact me by phone 6287 7512 (h) 0423 931 753 (m) or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Robert Altamore OAM CM B.A. L.L.B.


Committee Member Reports

Pat Spaul

In March I attended the launch of the book entitled "Connect", Canberra’s Community Information Directory. Radio 1RPH is listed in this book which gives considerable exposure of the station, under a number of headings. Over 3,000 other non-for-profit and community organisations are listed.

Deane Dight and I attended the Community Sector Development Program Launch and Sustainability and Strategic Risk Seminar held at the Press Club. This provided some insight into the future of community organisations and the affect of the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) on their governance and the anomaly that Radio 1RPH is, by providing a blanket community service instead of the contract system between an individual and service provider.

March 31st I attended the N.D.I.S Governance and Financial Management Meet The Panel Forum. It was an opportunity to speak with any of the three Panel members-Deloitte, Third Horizon or RSM Bird Cameron regarding application for one of the available finance packages.

Deane Dight and I attended The Control & Choice Expo on the 22nd May, which provided a wonderful opportunity to showcase Radio1RPH. We spoke with well over 60 people some of whom had not heard about our station and many people who had. We garnered many positive comments from listeners, which included:-

One lady with four disabled children who wanted "to thank the station from the bottom of my heart" as she finds when the car radio is tuned to 1RPH, it has a calming influence on the children while travelling

"I’ll be tuning in!"

"Thank you it’s a good service"

"I know how to do that!" – at the thought of streaming 1RPH

"Worth coming just for this!" – lady whose husband can no longer read the Canberra Times.

The Expo was also an excellent networking venue with many other organisations present which should be useful to the station as well.

Deane Dight

I have been busy working on posters and a banner to better promote and highlight 1RPH activities in recent Expositions. The level of positive feedback that Pat and I have received from listeners is truly heartening and also from the enthusiasm when people hear about our service, it is obvious that the station is meeting a great need out in the community.

I am very interested in following this up by preparing a survey instrument to better gauge who our audience is, also what we are doing well and what we can possibly improve upon, as hey – No one is perfect!

I anticipate the short ads or ‘carts’ for the survey to be on air in early July and look forward to gathering opinions and input from listeners, reporting back to you and reaping benefits from listeners’ collective wisdom.

So watch this space for more about listener demographics and interests as 1RPH develops, in more closely meeting listeners’ needs.

New Programs 2013/14

We have been busy with new programs & think you might like to know what we are producing presently & in the near future:

Short Stories:

'Eyewitness' : [Bernie Katz] (being broadcast)

'Think About It': [Dorothy Broom] (being broadcast)

'Just A moment': [Dorothy Broom] (now finished broadcast)


August 2013 recorded & played

'Wind Sand & Stars': by St Exupery [Gerald Lynch]

September 2013 played

'Almost French' by Sarah Turnbull [Janet Gibson]

'Little House in the Big Woods' by Laura Ingalls-Wilder [Dorothy Broom]

November 2013 played

'The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul' by Deborah Rodriguez [Marie Hoskins]

January 2014 played

'Bradman's War' by Malcolm Knox [Gerald Lynch]

March 2014 played

'Distant Hours' by Kate Morton [Sue Farrelly]

In production or in planning:

'The Railway Man' by Erik Lennox [Robert Morrison] (in Planning)

'The Poisonwood Bible' by Barbara Kingsolver [Kaaren Warren]

(in Production)

'The Life of the Dalai Lama' [Alex Szabo] (in Production).

'The Orphan Train Series' [Dorothy Broom] (In Production )

Magazines in Production:

The Griffith Review [Suzanne Blackall] (in Production)

Guardian Weekend Magazine [Carrie Netting] (in Production)

Volunteers’ Representative Report

Welcome to our new Volunteers

We are delighted to welcome many new volunteers, and others who have returned after a short break.

Suzanne Blackall, Jen Bowles, Barbara Berce, Philip Clay, Llois Cutts, Amanda Hollingsworth, Nikki Lynne Hunter, Cindy Young, Lyndall Fairbairn, Lyndall Philbey, Judy Mack, Roger Melton, Karen Melton, Mark Paul, Jenni Rush, Stephen Yeomans.

Welcome back to Zilla Williams who returns to the Christian Perspectives team.

Our volunteer numbers remain at around 130. We experience the excitement of radio, new friendships formed, and the satisfaction of participating in a most worthwhile community service.

Treading the Boards: Some friends from Radio 1RPH attended the Tempo Theatre production of ‘Daylight Saving’ at the Belconnen Community Theatre recently. We were most impressed with the performance, especially watching volunteer newsreaders Joan White and Nikki-Lynne Hunter enjoying their roles of mother and neighbour.

Wagga Wagga/Junee

Our thanks to Jan Hure, who heads the team of readers and presenters for the Wagga Wagga/Junee programme, which is broadcast live each weekday morning from 8am – 9am. Among Jan’s many skills, she organises Saturday morning breakfasts for the team, at a boutique café of their choice. These get-together affairs are very popular indeed.

Program Presenters

Congratulations to Laura Pound, who has completed presenter training, and many months as a volunteer reader.

Presenters and producers are always welcomed. Should you feel that you would like to add to your skill base, then please let me know.

Program Producers

Congratulations to Mark Johns, Laura Pound, Carrie Netting, and Lyndall Philbey, who have completed their training in production skills. Mark is producing a new programme, The Griffith Review, with Suzanne Blackall. Laura is producing a new book reading, Titanic Survivor, with Joan White. Carrie produces her new programme, Guardian Weekender, and Lyndall Philbey reads and produces Australian Women’s Weekly.

A SINCERE THANKS: the past months have shown an increase in the no. of volunteers. Volunteer movement for the most part is reflected in people moving away from the ACT, sea change or retirement or job opportunities elsewhere. Genuine thanks to all volunteers and listeners for being such a part of the 1RPH family.

Volunteers Contact List

If you have changed your contact details, please let me know so that the latest volunteer telephone/email list can be brought up to date.

Thanks to you all, your efforts are very much appreciated.

Christine Daniell

News from the Technical Department

After working alone in the tech area of the station for much of the time, it is a relief to be joined by skilled and experienced volunteer occasionally. I am glad to be able to introduce to you a new technical volunteer. Some of you have already met Roger Melton, who arrived a few months ago. Roger is still working full time in his capacity as a professional radio and IT technician and we are fortunate that he can spare the time to help us out. During the time he has been working here, Roger has fixed a number of outstanding problems in the transmitter room and made some improvements to our computer network. He has also started a long term task documenting drawings and instructions. And he has not only been helpful with technical work. The bench tops used by readers and presenters in studios A and B has for a long time been very unsatisfactory. A number of different coverings have been tried over the years without much success. Roger is now applying attractive black vinyl coverings to these surfaces which are meeting with the great approval of our studio volunteers. Roger is not the only volunteer working with me at present. Mark Paul has returned after completing his academic studies and is helping to solve many computer problems when they occur.

For a small organization, the station has quite a large computer network consisting of a dozen or so computers and other IT equipment so computer problems tend to crop up fairly frequently.

I should also thank Renzo Gobbin and his son Mark for repainting the 1RPH sign on the side of the transmitter building. The sign was starting to fade and was in need of a touch up. Mark worked with us for several years as a paid part-time technician.

A crew will arrive within the next couple of weeks to perform our three yearly mast inspection. Our two 65 metre steel masts need to be checked regularly for structural integrity and possible corrosion. This is an expensive but necessary procedure to ensure that we can still broadcast on 1125am.

Future projects for the Technical area will include the possible introduction of tablet computers for readers. The readers will use these in the studios rather than reading directly from newspapers and magazines. We expect this will solve many of the problems associated with handling newspapers by allowing the reading of text directly from websites. Before we can do this, we will need to install a Wi-Fi network. The tablets will need to be introduced gradually to allow readers time to adapt to the new technology.

Malcolm Walker

Technical Director