May 2017 Newsletter

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May 2017 Newsletter


Presidents Message

 You may be aware that with the introduction of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) our ACT Government funding ceased. The NDIS model is a ‘payment for service’ model which evidently a radio station does not match. 

 However the Federal Government via their NDIS agency recognised that there would be organisations serving the disabled who did not meet the NDIS model, consequently money was set aside to fund organisations like ours under program called ILC (Information Linkages & Capacity Building).

I assembled a team here at the Station to prepare our application for this funding. We submitted an application for ~$53K in return for which we proposed a new series of programs focussed on providing information to people with disability about local mainstream and disability services they can access.

 As the ACT ILC program had $3M in funding and as our application was both small in value and strong in content we were optimistic that it would be accepted.  However late on Thursday 20 April we were advised that our application had been unsuccessful.

 Despite this outcome, I reassure you that the Station is not in imminent financial straits and will continue to run as normal. The Committee had previously decided that in the eventuality that our ILC funding application was unsuccessful that we would use our financial reserves in the short term to continue operating.

 Please be assured that the Committee will work tirelessly to secure our future and I will keep you all informed as we progress.  Most importantly, it is business as usual for Radio 1RPH and I thank you all for your continued support. 

All the best,

Lorraine Litster


A vision and plan for the future.

 Late last year we received an ACT government grant to assist us in preparing for the post-NDIS implementation environment.  One of the activities undertaking as part of this grant was the development of a new strategic plan.  This plan was developed by the Committee with assistance from Rebecca Rawlinson from RSB Canberra. 

 There were several detailed planning sessions held to identify things such as where we saw the organisation now, where we wanted to be in the future and things that we needed to do to get there.  We discussed all ranges of topics from how can we ensure that the building is usable and pleasant for our volunteers to how do we better identify and seek feedback from our listeners.

 As a result of the planning process, the Committee has now finalised an updated vision, mission and strategic plan for the next three years. 

 The Strategic Plan is detailed on the following page for your information and the Vision, Mission and Motto are on this page.  If any volunteers or members have some great ideas to assist us in implementing the goals and strategies, please contact Jenni Rush on (02) 6241 4076.


Radio 1RPH Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020

 Goal 1. Radio 1RPH will stay current with broadcasting technologies


 1. Review potential for using different broadcasting media such as FM, digital, social, podcast etc.

 2. Technical director to monitor and report to board on developments in broadcasting trends and technologies.

 Goal 2.  Radio 1RPH will be financially secure


 1. Seek to maximize government funding.

 2. Generate income through sale of air time and expertise.

 3. Explore financial collaborations.

 Goal 3. The Radio 1RPH board will be strategically focused reflected through its policies and decisions


 1. Alternate monthly board meetings with an operational focus and a policy focus.

 2. Implement a continuous improvement calendar to periodically review all policies.

Goal 4. The Radio1RPH environment will be inclusive, safe and accessible


 1. Adopt a set of OH&S Guidelines.

 2. Review the physical access to the station facilities.

 Goal 5. Increase our target audience and broaden our listenership


 1. Develop social media presence.

 2. Liaise with 1RPH partners and other relevant organisations to increase awareness of programs and services.

 Goal 6. Radio 1RPH will have effective relationships with listeners, sponsors, funders, volunteers, staff, members and other supports


 1. Open and regular communication with all stakeholders though social media, newsletters, and broadcast items.

 2. Use of free advertising such as Canberra community news boards, public libraries, schools and staff centres and student unions at universities to promote 1RPH.

 3. Promote 1RPH public events and services such as Open Days.


People Profile: meet Christine Walsh and Judi Farrell.

 ‘We heard about 1RPH at a talk at the Gold Creek Probus meeting in March this year,’ says Judi.

 The talk was so interesting they decided to sign up as Radio 1RPH volunteers on the spot and neither have looked back since.

 Having much in common with each other they are great mates, and now work as a duo at Radio 1RPH every Friday.

 As Cutters they crop articles from the newspapers to put into subject folders so that those who are presenting programs have material to select their stories from—and they have a great time while they do it! But Radio 1RPH is not their only interest.

 'I have 13 grandchildren,’ says Christine, ‘so I want to be around for them. The grandchildren are aged from 22 years down to six months and I live on a working 600 hectare farm as well, running some sheep and cattle.’

 Christine is embarking on a five week trip overseas this month, ‘but I’ll be back in June’. When you add Tai Chi each week plus gardening that makes for a busy time. ‘Life is short and you have to just enjoy it while you can.’

 Christine Walsh and Judi Farrell.

 Judi also has a big family. ‘I can’t quite beat Christine, but I have 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. They’re not all in Canberra, some are in Sydney, but I love to be there for them.’

 Judi has travelled to the UK, right across Japan and South East Asia, through the Kimberly, and, ‘when I was young’ went all over Europe. She is also an avid gardener and a choir member with Sing Australia.

 ‘My philosophy on life is to consider other people, do what you can, and have an outward focus. You’ve got to keep busy as you get older, got to keep moving—move it or lose it!’

 Christine and Judi


 Proposed changes to our Constitution

 The Australian Communications and Media Authority, commonly known as ACMA, has requested that we make some minor changes to our Constitution, as part of our licence renewal process. These changes will bring us into line with current legislation. To pass the changes we need to hold a vote by financial members at a Special General Meeting.

 A formal meeting notice with details of the changes will be sent out to members soon. The meeting will be held at 2pm on Saturday 17th June at the Gungahlin Lakes Club.  For more details contact Jenni Rush on (02) 6241 4076.


Radio 1RPH fundraising dinner

 with Paul Bongiorno AM.

Don’t forget our fundraising dinner will be on later this month.

Places are filling fast, so don’t miss out!

 Paul Bongiorno AM, Network Ten’s Contributing Editor, will speak on:

 ‘The direction of Australian media over the next 20 years.’

The event is happening at:


Saturday, 27 May,

 Royal Canberra Golf Club,

Bentham St, Yarralumla.

$80.00 per person.

Bookings essential by Monday 22 May.

Contact Jenni Rush: (02) 6241 4076.


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